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The Muggi Cup Holder is a unique and innovative way to transport up to 4 cups, glasses, bottles, etc. safely and easily if you have limited and/or reduced mobility.

Ideal for wheelchair users, if you have a tremor, shake, or simply need both hands to transport your cup.

There are 4 cup handle slots for each cup, so you don’t need to worry about your cup not fitting. Each cup well has a lip to catch any drips and spills.

There are 4 non-slip rubber feet for added safety which prevent the Muggi from moving on any surface – wet or dry.


Partners perfectly with the Uccello Kettle!

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General Specifications 

  • Unique ergonomic design
  • Each cup ‘well’ is 89.9mm wide (3.5in)
  • Thumb grips for easy one-handed drinks carrying
  • 4 non-slip rubber feet
  • Non-absorbent and easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe

Design Materials 

  • Tough and lightweight plastic: Polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer.


  • Easy to use cup carrier, especially for  wheelchair users &those with limited mobility and strength.
  • Hold up to 4 cups of various sizes
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • 88 Year guarantee
  • Free delivery
Weight .28 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 7 cm

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68 reviews for Muggi Cup Holder

  1. Shirley

    I have got two of these had them for years , can not manage without , easy to open doors whilst carrying more than one drink , great to hold on to stair banister , could of made a killing on all inclusive holidays .

  2. Tim

    When you first see it you know it’s going to work, no frills or fancies, takes up minimum storage space, my wife and I take a glass of water with us to bed so it means in the morning your two cups and 2 glasses so one person can take all 4 downstairs and still hold the rail. I love this thing , I wish I’d designed it.

  3. Clare

    Love it! So Useful

  4. Frankie

    It’s great quality, compact and easy to hold and carry. Perfect for bring tea from kitchen to living room. The non slip feet are amazing – feels extra secure when I place it down.

  5. Deb

    I got this for my husband so he can bring us coffee in bed in the mornings but still hold on to the handrail when he comes upstairs. It works great, used different-sized mugs. I use it myself as it just makes life easier. I find it quite sturdy. Very easy to clean.

  6. Pauline

    This product is ”the best thing since sliced bread”!!! Especially if one is ”brewing” up for more than 2 people & struggle to carry more than 2! I would recommend it highly and it’s worth every penny/cent

  7. Judith

    Recommended by a friend, Exceeded expectations. Already has been admired. Will recommend this to all.

  8. Ian

    Great idea makes butler service to Ma’am with tea and coffee in bed in the mornings so much easier. Royalty appreciates this.

  9. Ruth

    I have previously purchased a Muggi for my dad a few years ago, who suffers with the shakes, and such a simple cost effective product has made such a difference for him. So when I was asked to purchase some trays for our office, I didn’t hesitate in getting a few Muggi’s to stop spills on our new carpet. They also enable you to hold 4 drinks in one hand whilst opening a door unlike a conventional tray.

  10. Sandy

    Just what I needed for safely carrying drinks upstairs but now I have it I can think of loads of situations where it would be useful. I’ve got mugs of varying shapes and sizes and they all fit easily. Its a great and well made product.

  11. Lily

    So much easier carrying coffee’s/cocktails/beers with this wee thing. Thumb bits help and drinks are secure. Bought for at home when I had surgery on my elbow and it really helped. Was so good I bought one for at work and several of us use it.

  12. Jamie

    Have to say, this was pretty convenient, great if you carry more than 1 mugs from kitchen to living room, particularly in where I live, there is a small set of steps towards it.

  13. Shannon

    I use it to bring my tea and my makeup to the table when I’m getting ready to leave the house for work or nights out. I’m a wheelchair user and it makes it easier for me instead of having to back and forth for everything. Love it

  14. Angela

    Brilliant piece of kit

  15. Angela

    Brilliant piece of kit

  16. Gemma

    I bought this so I could carry 2 cups in one hand when I make my partner tea at 2am!! It is really strong and such a brilliant thing!!

  17. Toni

    Dad was delighted with his Muggi & used it straight away! 3 cups of tea with some biscuits, & not a drop was spilt, genius!

  18. Matt

    Get one of these beauties! I keep it in the van and it holds my cuppa in the morning and then when I meet others, out comes the Muggi! Get one!!

  19. Alison

    Really practical and safe.
    Bought one for work and two for my aging parents (in their mid 80s). Easy to grip, catch spills.
    Had lots of compliments at work and asking where it was from.

  20. Lorraine

    You never new you wanted one of these brilliant muggi’s until you’ve actually bought one or been gifted one! They also help with much needed recycling to help the planet.

  21. Kate

    Finally a product that does exactly what it says on the tin!

  22. Lesley

    Brilliant, have bought two as gifts.

  23. Sue

    My husband loves to carve wood, and I use the Muggi to take tea and snacks for him as he works. It is ideal as he cannot knock the tea over, spoiling his work. A really useful item.

  24. Rachel

    We own 3 Muggi’s (home,cottage,boat) and absolutely love them. Such a clever idea, making carrying drinks safer ( much better than a tray where they slide around) and you can carry 4 at once!
    Just bought the recent Muggi for elderly friends when we spotted them, whilst staying with them, carrying a tray upstairs with the first cup of tea in the morning. So much safer and easier with a Muggi and they love it too. A real quality product! The simple ideas are often the best.

  25. Valerie

    Quick and easy to use, leaving one hand free at home to open doors to take drinks through to other rooms.

  26. Diane

    A brilliant product which I use every day to keep and carry round my mug, glass of water, phone and glasses! I have also given to friends and family as gifts, with mugs or other goodies in the holders.

  27. Richard

    Essential. I find for comfortably and safely moving up to 4 mugs or glasses or bottles.

  28. Julie

    Found all mugs fitted this, have trouble carrying one cup due to balance issues. Makes it so easy.

  29. Maggie

    Very sturdy and steady. It does exactly what it is meant to do.

  30. Dickie

    Being a very poor walker, I need to use one hand to support myself, leaving only one hand free to carry things. I can now carry up to four mugs of tea or coffee in our Muggi.
    Bought another one as a gift because it is so useful.

  31. Simon

    Absolutely love this, my left side doesn’t work as well as it should and everything at home seems to be on my left (not much space to move stuff) had been looking for a mug attachment for my lap tray and came across this, no more spilled cuppas in bed I’m delighted with it, it holds my cup, food, remote and whatever else I normally have around me.

  32. Tracey

    Really useful product, made very well and does the job. I am disabled and need to hold a handrail to go upstairs, this little gadget allows me to carry more than one drink in one hand. Highly recommend it.

  33. Margarete

    I bought the Muggi shortly after the Uccello
    Kettle, it was possible to carry the drinks out to them unaided!
    When you are younger and more able, you take things like this for granted, but as you get older, this means a lot. With the help of products like the Uccello Kettle, I feel safer and more confident in my home.

  34. Lorraine

    Love this….So much easier than struggling upstairs with a tray & cup contents spilling…Bought more for disabled relative who uses a walking stick and couldn’t carry cups safely before and relative who has limited sensation in their hands…Abilities changer for them

  35. LouLou

    Brilliant for mugs and glasses. I have Arthritis in my hands and can’t carry a normal tray safely. Can be carried with one hand if you have to hold onto a rail or walking stick.
    I carry my coffee, packet of biscuits, and mobile in the spaces empty spaces.

  36. Ruby

    Safe and secure! Good and solid. It does not flex thereby allowing easy and safe transfer of full cups of tea etc. As I have arthritis it is a great help to me.

  37. Luke

    Fantastic! Makes carrying mugs and other items a breeze.
    We are both disabled and this makes carrying mugs, full and empty, simple and safe! Jars, tins and glasses can also be carried easily.
    I am a wheelchair user and the Muggi provides a stable platform that sits on my lap. No more burned legs(and other parts!)

  38. Claire

    This is exactly as promised! It is a well made and useful addition to our household. Great service, arrived quickly and packaged very well.

  39. Miles

    Everyone in my family is going to get one of these for Christmas! Brilliant.

  40. Joyce

    Everyone who received one has said how useful they find this item. Carrying tea upstairs is no longer a problem i.e. so spills and the Muggi will be great to use. Excellent 4 mugs at once, or 3 and a few rich tea biscuits !!

  41. Amanda

    I purchased one for my mum who is disabled and walks with sticks. If she has a visitor she would carry cups one in each hand and not be able to use her walking stick. She can now carry two cups easily and still have aid. She feels much safer. I would happily recommend this item.

  42. Olive

    Really great product. Helpful for tea in the garden or carrying stuff upstairs safely.

  43. Eliot

    I was given the Muggi and found it invaluable for carrying a cup of tea, glasses and even a rolled newspaper upstairs. I’m the owner of two unreliable knees so I always need to have one hand free for eh banister. The Muggi is so much easier than a tray. Form follows function, fun and friendly, FANTASTIC!

  44. Debbie

    Got this for my husband, who has Parkinson’s, and was struggling with a normal tray. Perfect result, in that I can still get a coffee in bed from him. Have recommended to others with Parkinson’s.

  45. Carol

    There is nothing to dislike about this item. I have arthritis and I find this a godsend for carrying cups and mugs safely. I can grip it easily and it is stable. I have bought one for my sister who is in her 80’s after she had an accident with a mug of tea on her stairs trying to carry it upstairs and she has high praise for it and makes life easier for her. I’ve also bought one for our camper as well, Really pleased with my purchase. Maybe one with say 6 cup compartments would be nice.

  46. Graham

    Love using it, very sturdy, stops nasty burns and spillages when transferring hot drinks from A to B.

  47. Trent

    Uccello have been a delight to deal with and offer service quality beyond expectations.

  48. Christine

    I wouldn’t be without the Muggi. I have mobility difficulties but thanks to Muggi I can put items I need on my rollator, add a hot drink, bottle of water, any treats or biscuits, etc. even my mobile, and do just one trip. Gives me independence and confidence.

  49. Josh

    One of those “every home should have one” products and amazing value.

  50. Jensen

    Customer service is just what you want it to be . No hassle, no difficulties just a pure can do attitude . I don’t experience the same with many other companies and I would recommend Uccello Designs without hesitation or reservation

  51. Eamonn

    I had been looking for a robust tray that my wife could use with her arthritic hands for some time. This device is functional and very easy to use. It has made a huge difference since it’s arrival.

  52. Steph

    My dad was so happy to get this on Christmas day. I bought him a tray walker last year and this is a great addition to that.

  53. Tina

    I suffer with osteoporosis in my left hand and find it difficult to carry anything in that hand. With the muggi I can easily carry up to four drinks at a time, which also saves my feet! The muggi is very well made out of thick plastic which means it won’t bend under the weight.

  54. Sean

    I’m disabled and usually struggle with more than one Cup because of my stick but this allowed me to carry more than one. I would certainly recommend it.

  55. Emma

    A fantastic product. I’m a wheelchair user and can carry a round of hot drinks, safely and securely on my lap.

  56. John

    Just what I wanted to be able to carry mugs one-handed due to arthritic arm, hand. Reasonably priced, strong, and good looking.

  57. Pauline

    A versatile product: We love this item – purely because one can carry four drinks at once!!

  58. Frank

    Mugs of tea on a chair lift: Helps me to get two mugs of tea upstairs in the morning. 😀👍

  59. Natasha

    Just got one for my partner he loves it! Less spills and more confidence 🥰

  60. Irene

    The Muggi Cup Holder has made carrying drinks a doddle. It’s so easy to handle and carry. Far better than on a tray

  61. Catherine

    Brilliant Idea: Really impressed with the simplicity of the Muggi Cup Holder. It fits different sizes of mug and is really sturdy – so useful for the staff room at work. Thank you!

  62. Brian

    Ideal for those special situations. Great design for multiple situations. For us older/disabled people it is great for safely carrying hot/cold drinks. Don’t hesitate to buy!!

  63. Gill

    My daughter recommended this to me! It’s so useful, my husband struggles carrying mugs but not now! I use it daily so easy to carry 4 mugs safely. Great invention. Very happy

  64. Jane

    My 91 Godmother is delighted with her Muggi Cup Holder. So easy to transport mugs of hot drinks with no fear of spilling. Highly recommend.

  65. Julie

    Fantastic for my husband with a disability. My husband is disabled and can’t carry cups through and keep his balance. We bought this and are very impressed. It gave my husband some of his independence back.

  66. Susan

    I bought this for my mother who is very unsteady on her feet. It has proved a huge hit. Thank you

  67. Hazel

    Best thing since sliced bread. I use a Muggi Cup Holder instead of a tray to carry our drinks. No more spills, so easy to use.

  68. J Titcombe

    Very pleased with it. Have arthritis and feel much more safe with the Muggi Cup Holder

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