Uccello Kettle Creator - Andy DePetra

The Uccello Story


The man you see to your right is the very reason we are here today. Without Andy DePetra there would be no Uccello Kettle, we owe what we are today to his brilliant creativity and ingenuity.

Andy, originally from Italy, left with his family to Perth, Australia in 1952 when he was just 6 years old.

From an early age, Andy always had an eye for innovation and flair.
The Uccello Kettle was not his only creation, before us, Andy had his own cleaning business where his vertical blind cleaner took center stage.

It wasn’t until years later in 2011 when Andy was unfortunately diagnosed with arthritis that thoughts of a new creation danced in his head.
You see, Andy always had a love for fine coffee, it was one of his morning rituals. To wake up, get dressed, and have time to sit back and enjoy his morning coffee.

However, with the arthritis this morning heaven for Andy become more and more difficult that he began to think, he wasn’t the only one out there with arthritis and there must be others with physical disablement’s who have similar issues like him with using the kettle.

Surely there is a product designed towards these needs?

After coming home disappointed, Andy began to let the creative juices flow and turned his talents to the designing and creating of the Uccello Kettle we have today. He wanted a kettle that not only looked good but one that would ease the struggle and still enable him to maintain his independence.

Enter the Uccello Kettle, with the fluid easy pour action. Our kettle tilts safely to deliver boiling hot water without causing any unwanted pressure and weight on the user. Thanks to Andy’s love of Italian design, the kettle’s shape remarkably resembles a small bird – Uccello! Which in Italian means bird.

Thanks to Andy’s creativity and passion for invention we have been able to help positively impact close to 300,000 people around the world feel safer, more independent, and happier in their kitchen.

The Uccello Kettle delivers hot water safely and steadily, every time.