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The revolutionary shape of the Uccello Kettle was thoughtfully designed to enable hot water to be poured from your Kettle to your cup; effortlessly, safely and independently.

The light-weight design, combined with the rotating cradle of the Uccello Kettle, means you only have to “tilt-to-pour”, eliminating any lifting, straining, or trying to balance and aim when pouring hot water!

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General Specifications

  • Black Styling
  • Effortless pouring technology
  • Stainless steel heating element with British safety technology and control
  • Auto shut-off with overheating protection
  • Ergonomic handle for easy handling
  • Removable stainless steel anti-scale filter
  • Water level indicator
  • Power-on light
  • Large non-slip base
  • Quiet boiling

Design Materials

  • Kettle vessel, cradle, and base: Polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer. All plastics in contact with water are BPA-free.
  • Element and controls: Stainless steel.

Technical Specifications

Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Europe

    • 1.5 Litres capacity
    • 50/60Hz | 1850-2200 Watts
    • 220-240 Volts
Weight 1.79 kg
Dimensions 29.8 × 24.2 × 24.7 cm

Black, Black & White, Red & White, White

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112 reviews for The Uccello Kettle

  1. Rosa

    Love my uccello because I have arthritis in my hands and I use a small jug to fill it up. Makes life a lot easier.

  2. Marrilyn

    Best thing we ever bought!

  3. Jenny

    My daughter purchased this kettle for me…. I absolutely love it.

  4. Elspeth

    I have this kettle and absolutely love it. I had an accident and have lost a lot of strength and mobility in my right arm and this kettle has been an absolute lifesaver for me.

  5. Pam

    I have one of these as I have trouble with my hands and I find it very good. If it broke, I would 100% get another one.

  6. Allison

    Gives you peace of mind. I use it like a normal kettle but you don’t have to lift it up, so you can’t drop it or scald yourself. I bought mine because I broke my right arm and ribs after a fall. I couldn’t not lift my normal kettle so I coudln’t make a hot drink. Even my grown up children like using it and my daughter-in-law is thinking of buying one. Im 72 and won’t go back to using a normal kettle. Love my kettle it looks good and does what it says it does.

  7. Helen

    Used one in an old friends house a while back so I knew it was worth investing in.

  8. Allison

    I have just bought one, the best thing I have bought in ages, love it. I call mine Maggy as it looks like a baby magpie!!

  9. Dawn

    Love mine so much, appreciative that my daughters thought of buying one for me.

  10. Rae

    Love my Uccello. Have had it for some time now and it is the most used item in my kitchen.🤩🤩🤩🤩

  11. Debbie

    I absolutely love mine. There was no way I could make myself a coffee before hand.

  12. Myrna

    Hubby got me one after an op on my shoulder great not having to lift.

  13. Marie

    Birthday present from my family, it’s amazing, I love it.

  14. Jean

    This is great, so easy to use. We bought one and one for my brother in law overseas who has limited use in his hand. He is over the moon, makes life so much easier now. Thank You

  15. Von

    Best invention ever. Safe for everyone..I had a stroke and it let’s me feel safe making my own cuppa.. even my grandchildren can safely use it.

  16. Sandra

    Received my kettle from my daughters about 3/4yr ago been one of the best presents I’ve ever received and it’s great for my grandchildren to use ( over a certain age of course) knowing they are going to be safe to use.

  17. Margaret

    I’ve had one of these kettles for a few years now. One of the best things I’ve ever bought. If the lady who has trouble filling it off its base, leave it on base and have a plastic jug to refill it. Superb piece of equipment.

  18. Donna

    My mum has one of these they are fantastic.

  19. Jackie

    These Kettles are excellent for people with arthritis in their hands 👍totally recommend as we have one.

  20. Kathy

    My elderly mother has one of these. They are fantastic. It’s easy to us and much safer for her.

  21. Suzanne

    Brilliant kettle my ma has one so she can’t scald herself pouring out boiling water her hand is not very steady.

  22. Vicky

    I have this kettle and it has been an absolute godsend as I have rheumatoid arthritis with limited mobility and strength. It’s so lightweight if you do need to lift it. My daughter dropped mine recently and broke the handle clean off but it was great to see that I only needed to replace the jug and not the entire kettle. I have mine since 2020 and I’d be lost without it at times.

  23. Rose

    Love this kettle, it h as been a lifesaver for me.

  24. Elisabeth

    We bought one for my sister in law as her hands shake all the time. She comments all the time she uses it. Best buy ever.

  25. Phil

    Best thing I ever bought was this kettle and worth every penny.

  26. Jeannette

    I just love mine, having weakness in shoulders and arms this kettle is a godsend, no more lifting.

  27. Joan

    These kettles are just brilliant….love mine!

  28. Angie

    Bought this for my elderly mum who is also disabled. She can finally make a cuppa for herself without aid and she feels like she has a bit of independence back. Would highly recommend!

  29. Sylvia

    I have one and it’s the best thing I have ever bought Just love it.

  30. Mandy

    Love mine. Light enough to fill & even better to pour when hot. I miss it when away from home.

  31. Moira

    I love mine it’s given me back my independence so I can make a cup of tea with out help from my hubby.

  32. Angela

    The most helpful and amazing kettle you’ll ever find.

  33. Pam

    This looks great for arthritic hands.

  34. Caroline

    I got one for my Mam (rip) a few years ago and she absolutely loved it. I was afraid she would burn herself lifting kettles as she had bad arthritis in her hands, and this kettle put my mind at rest and is so easy to use would highly recommend this kettle.

  35. Kevin

    My dads cousin has one and it’s brilliant, going to get one for my dad.

  36. Eucharia

    Love my Uccello, have had it for a few weeks now, and it’s the best kettle I have owned, so happy with it.
    Anyone that has problems lifting things, won’t know the easiness of this kettle, I have mine on the window, as I have little space, it works great as I don’t have to lift it only when it’s empty, just tip it over and fills the cup itself, marvelous invention to say the least, thank you so much.

  37. Kathleen

    The best thing I ever got my mam she loves it, so easy for her to pour. I couldn’t but give you good feedback my mother is going on 82 in March and she loves it

  38. Barbara

    My son has just bought one for me, love it.

  39. Esther

    A great kettle. Love Ours.

  40. Michael

    Bought one they are fantastic.

  41. Christine

    This is a great kettle.

  42. Denise

    Just got mine Saturday it’s made my life so much easier.

  43. Helen

    I bought this for my parents aged 85 & 86. Mum has dementia so took her a while to get used to it but they absolutely love it!!! The old kettle was redundant very quickly after this arrived. So much safer for mum too as there isn’t the danger of her pouring boiling water on herself. Anyone wondering whether or not to buy one, get it ordered!!! You won’t regret it. Marvelous invention!

  44. Morag

    Received my kettle yesterday and it is fantastic and it makes life so much easier.. I love it.

  45. Linda

    They are good I’ve got 2 of them. One at home and one at my boyfriend’s place. One red and white the other is black and white I’ve got really bad rheumatoid arthritis in my fingers and they make it so easy to use the best thing ever.

  46. Gail

    They are an excellent kettle my granddaughter brought one for me.

  47. Susan

    Wonderful product now I don’t scald myself.

  48. Irene

    I love mine makes life so much better.

  49. Esma

    Love my kettle, best Xmas present I received last year from family.

  50. Belinda

    I got mine the other day. Fantastic service and I’d highly recommend choosing the gift wrap it was done beautifully. It was so nice we ended up giving it to my Mam to use early. Thank you so much.

  51. Sheena

    I have had it for about 3 over the last 5 years (maybe longer). It means I am safely able to make my own cups of tea and to me that’s priceless. It’s an aid but a stylish one! Friends who don’t have an issue have bought them after seeing mine. I dread having to buy aids that are ugly and expensive, but this one I willingly pay for. I hate the thinking that if you’re disabled you mustn’t have any taste! My kettle needed replacing and today I was able just to buy the top half, which is soooo good!

  52. Maureen

    I love mine, with limited use of my hands, it is easy to use.

  53. Fionnuala

    We have this kettle a couple of years now and find it fantastic.

  54. Sue

    I have one thanks to my lovely niece who bought it for me. Its brilliant I love it. Highly recommended 👌

  55. Kristene

    I love my new jug it’s awesome and so easy to use I’ve got the red and white one.

  56. Lisa

    Wonderful invention to help people who can’t perform the simplest of tasks, well done!

  57. Janet

    I have one it’s wonderful I don’t have to struggle to pick it up and pour, love it.

  58. Zoe

    It is marvellous! My arms and hands are so weak that I cannot even really open a banana by myself. But I can make a cup of tea entirely independently with this kettle. I have never been able to pour a kettle before, so I am really enjoying the independence it is giving me!

  59. Bev

    I bought this for my mother who has severe arthritis in her hands, she finds this so easy to use, I can highly recommend this product.

  60. Christine

    Brilliant kettle and worth every penny . Easy to put water into either by using a jug , mug or the usual way by taking it to the tap . Holds as much as a normal kettle . It is modern , clean looking and so easy to use. Treat yourself I guarantee you won’t regret it . I 100% say get it.

  61. Wendy

    My friend bought this for her Mum, it is terrific.

  62. Marilyn

    I was so pleased to find this kettle, it has made such a difference to me in the kitchen – it is strong and well made and so easy to use. In comparison to high end kettles the price is very comparable. Looks good.

  63. Kathleen

    I bought one of these and love it I’m wheelchair bound so it easier for me I can recommend this item 100%

  64. William

    They are brilliant, bought one last year and was so impressed bought another two for the family.

  65. Joan

    Love love mine. So much easier than lifting. Organised one for my brother who has had a major stroke. He is handling it extremely well. Thank you.

  66. Karen

    I really find mine invaluable. No pain carrying back from the tap as I fill in situ and so easy to tilt to fill my mug.

  67. Kathleen

    My family bought me one best present ever.

  68. Josie

    Best kettle I’ve ever had… brilliant…

  69. Deb

    Bought my mum one, she loves it. I’m happy knowing she won’t scold herself

  70. Esma

    The best kettle ever, couldn’t do without it, so easy to use with no lifting.

  71. Anne

    Great asset to any kitchen. Love mine

  72. Janet

    Absolute God send for my mum who has mobility problems after a stroke. She is not strong enough to fill at the tap so uses a mug. There’s always a way around it she said lol

  73. Joanne

    I’ve had mine for just about week & half. Love it, so much easier for me as found lifting our conventional kettle too heavy. Wish id found it earlier.

  74. Sonja

    Best thing l ever got. So easy to use

  75. Pam

    It helps me, I don’t have to carry a kettle with the weight of water. I shake lifting anything heavy. The full kettle lasts nearly all day with water. I live on my own so everybody on their own it’s a must you don’t know what you are missing. Best ever design.

  76. Sue

    We got ours about 2 years ago absolutely brilliant. I wouldn’t go to any other kettle now.

  77. Narelle

    I have psoriatic arthritis and this is the best thing ever invented. I also have cerebral palsy and it has never been easier to make a coffee.

  78. Jo

    Absolutely the best invention. My husband thought it was a waste of money and we didn’t need it. Certainly has changed his opinion now. #1 fan

  79. Kye

    This is honestly the first time that I’ve been able to pour hot water without pain or fear of spilling it, which used to happen often. It’s a significant improvement in my quality of life

  80. Bridget

    I am delighted to say ive been using the Uccello Kettle for over 2 weeks now. I find it very useful in the kitchen very little lifting involved. I think this Kettle would be very useful to the elderly, wheelchair users, people with arthritis and Parkinson i would definitely recommend this Uccello Kettle

  81. Shannon

    The Uccello kettle is incredible and has completely changed the way I handle boiling water in the kitchen! I was so impressed with its assistive technology and just how easy and effortless it was to use. Can see this kettle helping so many people!

  82. Collette

    We got a Uccello Kettle and it is great. I have fibromyalgia and my husband has Parkinson’s so this is perfect for us. would recommend to both family and friends.

  83. Winnie

    We bought this kettle for my mum, her terrible arthritis left her with limited hand use. She had no trouble using it, it has an easy swing action and is very safe to use. Although it can be taken off its mount she mostly filled it with a small jug. This is a very stylish and useful kettle that has lasted for years. Highly recommend.

  84. Trent

    Uccello have been a delight to deal with and offer service quality beyond expectations.

  85. Ger

    I have trouble lifting & gripping. The strength’s gone in my hands. The Uccello Kettle’s tilt-to-pour action makes my life so much easier.

  86. Pamela

    These are brilliant to use no more spills I love mine wished a had it years ago.

  87. Jensen

    Customer service is just what you want it to be . No hassle, no difficulties just a pure can do attitude . I don’t experience the same with many other companies and I would recommend Uccello Designs without hesitation or reservation

  88. Susan

    Worth every penny!

  89. Carolyn

    This is a great product… Love mine

  90. Mary

    My daughter gave this to me for Christmas, I would not be without it now.

  91. Marie

    Great kettle. Bought one for my mother. So much peace of mind for me knowing that she is not lifting boiling kettle.

  92. Jill

    This was purchased for my mother who is very frail and unable to lift a normal kettle. She absolutely loves it. It has made her life so much easier. It was delivered promptly too.

  93. Noel

    Brilliant Kettle bought one for my Dad and the grip mat is amazing 👍😊

  94. Maria

    My mam has gout in her wrist and can’t lift anything it’s so painful so I bought the kettle and it arrived yesterday and she loves it best kettle around and it’s a show piece to 😉

  95. Robert

    I’ve been using mine a couple of months now and it’s great. Was originally bought for my wife and now we all use it. Making a hot drink is now safer for all.

  96. Úna Breen

    My Uccello kettle is about 8 months old now and is honestly one of the best presents I have ever received. It is a joy to use, perfectly designed for someone with arthritis in their hands and wrists. Gone are the days when I often dropped a boiling hot kettle and badly burned myself. The Uccello kettle is amazing, it really is! Thank you Andy DePetra for designing something which makes such a difference to my everyday life.

  97. Allicia

    Excellent Kettle so safe. My brother-in-law had a stroke and its great for him to use. Well done

  98. Ciaran

    I recently bought one of these kettles for my 95 year old mam who lives on her own. She finds it easy to use and no longer has to lift or carry a kettle of boiling water. It also give me great peace of mind, knowing that she is safe from the risk of getting scalded. I would highly recommend this kettle. The kettle was delivered within about 5 days of placing my online order.

  99. Ann

    Best kettle ever that came in my door & with 13 in the house & plenty of neighbours around in times gone by we went through lots of kettles but this has to be the best ever!! Safe & easy to use!! Thanks so much Uccello Ireland

  100. Joe

    Bout one of these. Great product. Would recommend

  101. Leona & Mike

    This snazzy, ingeniously-designed kettle is the latest additon to our kitchen making cups of tea and filling up of hot water bottes a much safer process! As a wheelchair user it helps with my balance at the kitchen counter. A clever, inventive design that makes pouring hot water that little bit easier when it comes to balancing in a wheelchair. Great for those who struggle with different strengths of dexterity.

  102. James

    The Uccello Kettle is a fantastic product! It is very easy to use. The tilt function allows you to pour hot water safely in a steady fashion – no lifting involved! The easy touch lid makes filling up your Uccello Kettle a simple task too. The design is practical, snazzy and can fit into any kitchen around the country/globe. More importantly this product gives me greater Independence in the kitchen making tea, hot beverages or when cooking! I would really recommend this product for any Disabled person or anyone with Reduced Mobility or indeed any non disabled person.

  103. Natasha

    The Uccello kettle has been fabulous for both of us! Breanainn has gastroparesis and one of the complications means that doing the smallest of tasks can take more energy than he has, even lifting a kettle could be too much! He is also visually impaired so depth perception is an issue with using a regular kettle. Lots of spills and potential for scalds. With this kettle he’s able to make tea safely and independently. I myself have Raynaud’s, which means I can loose circulation and feeling in my hands regularly and it can be very painful to pick up a full kettle. I am able to tip this kettle with one finger and it tips itself back into position safely, saving me from the usual pain. It also boils quite quickly and quietly which we also love! We’re delighted with this kettle, thank you Uccello!

  104. Carol

    The Uccello Kettle is very safe and very easy to use. I feel more at ease with it being used by my uncle who I care for, he has onset dementia and deteriorating vision. Seeing him use the kettle gives me peace of mind because it is safer to use. It’s a beautiful kettle and is a game changer for those with particular needs like arthritis, Parkinson’s and anyone else with mobility issues.

  105. Marcus

    It’s ideal for a wheelchair user like myself. The unique pouring action is extremely safe and easy to use. It’s great not having to lift a kettle full of boiling water. I really like the design too. It’s a very nicely made product and I think it looks great in my kitchen. All round it’s a great product. I’ve already recommended it to several of my friends

  106. Anne

    It’s a great kettle. it’s much safer then a usual kettle, much neater on the counter and lovely to look at. I never have to lift it and strain myself. I strongly recommend that all elderly people should have one

  107. Siobhán Flynn

    I got one of these from my son, he has Cerebral Palsy and finds it extremely hard to lift things, this is brilliant. It gives him some confidence.

  108. Saoirse

    Really easy to use. Very light and great staff.

  109. Gemma

    Love this Kettle. So safe and easy to use. I can make whatever I want independently. Highly recommend

  110. Deborah

    I am so pleased with it and cannot thank you enough. I have always sung the praises of The Uccello Kettle as it has made such a difference to me. I really can’t express to you how grateful I am.

  111. Carol Rice

    The Uccello Kettle is the most amazing product I have ever come across. I was actually blown away by its functionality and how efficient and simplistic it is to use. It is also so sturdy and safe. I have always struggled to make tea or coffee because I was born with a condition called Pseudoachrondroplasia which is a form of restricted growth, which means my long bones are short and not strong enough to lift a kettle and on top of this, I have also osteoarthritis which makes my arms and wrists weak, so it was always challenging to make a cup of tea but I still wanted to feel independent and have the ability to make my own tea. So when I received a gift of the Uccello Kettle, I was literally blown away by it. I couldn’t get over how easy it is now, to make my cup of tea. It’s no longer a struggle nor does it take me ages to make. I can just power on the Uccello kettle, tilt and pour, it’s that simple. I feel every household and business should have these Uccello kettles so people can feel and be independent when making a cuppa and don’t have to ask for help when making their favourite brew. It’s just simply amazing and as I mentioned above, more importantly, it’s such a safe way to make a hot cup of everything you love. And after trial and testing it, I couldn’t praise the product enough.

  112. Lynda

    Still in love with my kettle. It has never left it’s cradle, which makes it so handy. All I need to ever use is a jug to fill it. I love the look of it, I just think it’s the prettiest kettle, it reminds me of a little birdie sitting on my counter waiting for me each morning.

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